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Private Group Self-defense, Mind Coaching, RTMS Ninja-MMA, and Outdoor Adventure

CMS - camp of Martial science 

Choose an Intensive Martial Arts training Camp for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

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Sensei Rick Tew is accepting a limited few that would like to train side-by-side with the Master Instructor and help others get the best martial art camp adventure and experience of their lives.

All Camps Include rick tew's 5 programs as Explained in more detail on The training page

What is CMS - Camp of Martial Science?

Also known as the College of Martial Science for long term students, Rick Tew’s Camp of Martial Science is a one-size-fits-all program that offers private group Mixed Martial Arts / Ninja Training, realistic self-defense that also includes Travel Adventure.

We bring balance to your Mind (with the mental martial arts therapy of Winjitsu), strength to the Body (by doing Martial Arts & Fitness) and fulfillment to the Spirit (through outdoor adventure, human interaction and travel adventure tours).

We offer a new way of life (even if it is temporary) and a chance to meet other people. Rick Tew educates and trains motivated individuals. Martial arts experience is NOT required

Can we help with your goals?

At the foundation of every camp is a martial art system created by Rick Tew.  However, we realize that people have different needs.  So we have a unique program that specifically targets these needs while still providing the right level of martial arts and fitness.

Some participants want to learn the hardcore system and push their limits in the martial arts, some people are beginners and only want a few hours a day of self-defense training while getting the chance to focus on improving or changing their lives.  Some students want to practice full-contact sparring and jiu-jitsu grappling while others have no interest in getting hit in the face. 

While one person might want to lose 30 pounds, another may only want a vacation that also includes learning a new routine for a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Although we offer one complete program, we also target the challenges and specific needs of the individual too.  You can benefit from each program regardless of your background.

Disconnect to Reconnect

It’s what the D.R, ordered.  To Disconnect to Reconnect is our way of saying – phones out of reach for a while. Let’s be honest, we all love our tech and we use a lot of it at CMS, but there comes a time when checking your phone every second or having to take a selfie for every activity becomes mentally tiresome and unhealthy.  Even though others may engage in checking their emails while glamping in the Grand Canyon, you can choose to leave these devices in a box and get out of the box untethered.  

Just say, "HI"

And by the request above, we mean to say, “Hi.” in person. HI or H.I. stands for Human Interaction. A thumbs up on Facebook does not qualify.  We are talking about real, in-person experiences with other human beings and adopting the philosophy of HI.  This requires making choices. 

More and more AI is taking over the daily interactions where we might normally engage with others.  Progress comes with some sacrifices and so we have to focus on maintaining other ways to interact.

When you stop for gas, the option to go inside and pay will soon be gone.  The ability to speak with a human when you order food could become a part of the past and in the near future.  

We put people together because we partly agree in quotes like this:

5 Reasons to Join this Once in a Lifetime Program:

1 Training

You get awesome training in 5 actual organized programs for personal growth.  Come for the martial arts camp and get the benefits of the other programs too.  The same goes for someone looking to kick start their life or reboot their energy level. We have an organized set of strategies to help you be your best.

2 Fitness

Want to lose a few pounds fast and have fun getting in better shape? Maybe you want to do the splits or have always been curious about gymnastics.  For most, they will just want to lose added fat and gain some strength in a way that works.  Whatever your goals, we are focused on helping you reach them too.

3 Security

Would you like walk the streets with more confidence in self-defense? Maybe you’d like to feel more capable in an emergency.  Do you want to learn simple psychological strategies to keep you from becoming a “deer caught in headlights”? Feeling secure is a mental martial art skill that everyone should have in their personal toolbox.

4 Ninja

Okay, who doesn’t want to be a Ninja?  It’s not too late to learn to move like Jackie Chan or spin a Nunchaku like Bruce Lee.  Even if you are too old to count your toes, you can learn something new and exciting with our modern Ninjitsu system.  Roll, punch, kick, stand, fall and wield a weapon like a true Ninja.

5 Outdoors

Students of CMS often comment how they have been to more places and done more things on our martial art camp than they have their entire lives.  Whatever your excuse, it ends with us because we love being outside.  But don’t worry, if you don’t want to Disconnect to Reconnect, we offer Ninja Glamping to make it super cozy too.

One Program Many Benefits:

There is a lot of variety and various teachings that we include in our Martial Arts Camps. Each of our 5 parts of our martial arts training camp is also a complete program in its entirety. 

No two classes are the same and we conduct each class like a mini-workshop or seminar so that you can gain new insights every day of training. 

For those that want to master the basics of Martial Arts, Mind Power and Diet.  There are some basic (optional) periods that are available for repetition each day. The concepts that focus on daily repeated training for continuous growth are:

Martial Arts  – Stances, Rolls & Falls, Strikes & Kicks, Weapons, and Body Movement.

Fitness – Strength, Agility, Flexibility, Endurance and Cardio.

Mind – Fulfillment, Taking Action, Goal setting, Confidence building, and overcoming fears or past experiences.

Diet & Health – Intermittent Fasting, Ketogenic, Low Carb, Detox, and Supplementation.

Please note that in order to develop healthy habits and routines, it’s best to get a minimum of 2 weeks of repeated strategies. The longer you can focus, the more likely positive changes will stick. 

You can let us know what you would like to focus on and we will keep a mental note of your desired goals and focus.

BLAST trips are often integrated into R.T.M.S.

Being part of Rick Tew’s Martial Science Program is a lot more than just a camp or tour to learn the martial arts. We also encourage participants get together for outdoor adventures that include hiking, camping, rock climbing, road trips, multiple terrain training and other mini-adventures. This is one of the reasons we run our martial arts camps near places like Yosemite National Park, California or on tropical islands in Asia.

As young children, we invested much of our time adventuring, exploring and discovering. We provide an option to recapture and maintain the healthy attitude we had when we were young. 

Life should be fun, include regular adventures, and offer new experiences. It should be a BLAST!!