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2-4 Week travel & training adventures

BLAST is an acronym for Breathing, Laughing, Adventuring, Stretching, and Thinking.

All integrated as part of Rick Tew's travel & Training Tour

Make life a BLAST

Spirit and the BLAST experience means living

Rick Tew put in a lot of effort to bring a Mind-Body-Spirit balance to the martial art camps. Our courses provide an equal balance of all three areas. But few understand what we mean when we say, “Spirit.”

For us, it represents Life-Spirit and our definition of this Life Spirit is:

  • Spending quality time with others of like mind

  • Getting out into nature and the great outdoors

  • Sharing space with animals and other creatures

Students share some B.L.A.S.T. experiences with Rick Tew

From concrete to lush landscapes

Just about everything you can imagine from all of these locales. We had fun out on the town in LA, but we were also there to train. Which we did, and like we always do…we push the limits of that training. Then while in Yosemite we get to fully experience a lush landscape of nature with spectacular views and a awe inspiring wilderness.

Richard N. – Galveston, Texas – USA

Friends, Adventure and Training

I’ve experienced so much… Friends, adventure, training, injury, accomplishment, growth, the list goes on and on.

Nate P. – Palm Harbor, Florida – USA

Fun doing new things

Got beat up, kicked some butt, got physically and mentally, damn even spiritually drained sometimes. Had tons of fun doing new things, seeing the great outdoors. I did the JOHN’s incredible pizza place experience too many times to keep count haha.

Cedric C. – Sherbrooke, Quebec – Canada

From nervous to feeling like a King

During the years that I was highly involved in RTMS I experienced everything from being very nervous before a belt exam, thinking I will forget the form I learned, to feeling like a king after I did my first back flip. To describe all that I experienced is quite hard, since there are so many experiences. I experienced group spirit during long training sessions, a sense of achievement after having climbed Point Dume, pain after the 1000th time trying to do a proper back handspring, fun during the trips we made like the TTT tour, excitement during the demo’s and tv appearances and peace after a meditation session.

Marco V. – Holland / Netherlands

Great times with new friends

I experienced more than any normal person should in two months. I was tested both physically and mentally. I experienced some pretty serious martial arts training and I had some great times with all my new friends. I loved the rock climbing in the mountains and the training in Woodward Park and everything in between. The best experience was meeting so many people from such different walks of life.

Josiah L. – Chattanooga, Tennessee – USA

Learning to rock climb

My best experience was learning to rock climb. It is something I would never have done in a million years if I hadn’t gone to CMS. We don’t live a long time and should enjoy what there is to offer and rock climbing is actually stacks of fun. As a flow-on, I have now taken up kayaking, mountain biking, etc. I also learnt stacks about martial arts and being more flexible in my attitudes and thinking. I also learnt a lot about health issues by listening to some of the texts available at CMS and have altered my life-style considerably.

Craig H. – Australia

One of the best periods in my life which I learned a lot, lived through a lot of great experiences, met a lot of people , made many new friends and was privileged to be able to share my knowledge and skills with my fellow RTMS team members and students.

Ortwin C. – Holland / Netherlands

The camaraderie was great

The whole group bonds together real well, no one is entirely sure what to expect so the camaraderie is great. We were all in it together and determined to do our best. The training was intense, and free time was savored instead of taken for granted and wasted.

Ross K. – Virginia – USA

Time with people from around the world

Learned to appreciate and respect nature, wilderness. Also how to eat healthy and to get in pretty good shape. Lots of training and spending some time with people all over this world.

Carlos Puente – Durango – Mexico

Best time of my life

I experienced the vastness of the States, it never takes me that long to go anywhere where I’m from! You drive for 5 hours in England and you’re in a different country! I also experienced the best time of my life so far. You make so many friends in the training area, especially since these are the types of people whom share your interests and don’t give you an ‘off’ look when you talk about martial arts!

Mark W. – Portsmouth – England

More in 2 months than 21 years

I experienced both sides of almost every emotion and learned more about who I am and what I want in two months than I had in 21 years

Craig Peterson – Cedar Rapids, Iowa – USA

From movie sets to National Parks

Rock climbing, shinai wars (sword fighting), grappling and sparring matches, the beaches of LA, in which I saw a drum circle playing drums to the sunset and the entire beach set of Charlie’s Angels 2 forced to move because of front and back flip training. I also witnessed the gulf of Mexico and got to see the beauty and grandeur of Yosemite National Park.

Jabez P. – Acton, Maine – USA

Countless amazing experiences

I experienced a great deal during my stay and training in association with Mr. Tew and the CMS program. I have gained massive amounts of experiences, and situational confrontations that have helped mold me into a superior form of myself. I have done more in a few months of being there then some people have done in their entire lives, I think that speaks enough for itself. Out of hard work in the program I have had countless amazing experiences. For that I am extremely grateful and despite any “hardships” I had to endure it was very worth it.

Kris B. – Canada

It is a different lifestyle

Good but hard times, I had to put myself to test, I passed sometimes and failed others. It is a different lifestyle while you are there and you get to see many things most people never do, as well as experience the things that the general public is too busy for.

Shawn H. Washington USA

Met some incredible people

I experienced living life away from the distractions of my home. I met some incredible people that I considers friends for life.

Jamien O. – Santa Barbara, California – USA

Students share their travels on Rick Tew's cms program

From Australia to all over the Southwest United States

Yosemite NP, Malibu Creek, Disneyland, “The Beach”, Los Angeles, rock climbing at Yosemite NP, Fresno, Oakhurst (yay!), Disneyland, Las Vegas, London Bridge, DragonFest (martial arts show), bear-watching at Yosemite, Universal Studios and did I mention Disneyland? 😉

Craig H. – Australia

Travel is a big part of CMS

Travel is also a big part of the CMS experience (see photos of many locations where we have been and had fun). During my time in the CMS program I have traveled to Europe, Mexico, and various locations over the west of America. Places such as California, Arizona and Nevada. Within these locations I have been fortunate enough to visit sites and have adventures in many of the major cities and natural wonders. Some places in America such as L.A., Las Vegas, San Francisco, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and the Grand Canyon. We chased Mickey, tested our nerves on some of the most daring rides, and enjoyed some of nature’s best offered playgrounds.

Kris B. – Canada

Learned to climb then became a climber

First: To California, I am from The Netherlands. Secondary: Through my first experiences in rock climbing with Rick Tew I became a climber myself and climbed in numerous locations in countries like Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, and South Africa.

Joost V. – Holland / Netherlands

Free flights to Mexico

I’ve seen a lot of California, Los Angeles, Fresno, Yosemite National park, Ahwahnee and Oakhurst – YEAH! Joshua Tree National park, Malibu creek etc. We went on a road trip to Colorado, so I saw Death Valley, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and a bit of Wyoming. Also did and El Paso trip where we drove through Arizona to get to Texas and even went to Juarez Mexico for the nightlife.

Cedric C. – Sherbrooke, Quebec – Canada

Many places in a short time

I’ve been to so many places in the short time I’ve spent here, it’s staggering. I’ve hiked to the top of Yosemite, sweat in Death Valley, climbed at Malibu Creek and Tollhouse, flew in a helicopter into the Grand Canyon, walked up and down the Las Vegas Strip, toured Universal Studios in LA., slept on the beach on the California coast, visited the piers and Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, got into trouble in Mexico, climbed giant trees in Sequoia National Park, and I’ve only been attended two phases!

Nate P. – Palm Harbor, Florida – USA

Was part of the first Travel and Training

As one of the pioneering RTMS team members, I was fortunate enough to be part of the first Travel and Training program. Could not imagine a better way to discover California and the surrounding states on my first visit to America. I was fortunate enough to be part of the First CMS program. I was able to participate in several demonstrations and seminars in different European Countries. I was able to run my own RTMS group in Holland for several years and share this great system with many students. I’ve had the opportunity to lead a great one week RTMS seminar in the Caribbean Island of Aruba together with RTMS team member Michel Kristians.

Ortwin C. – Holland / Netherlands

Unleashed into Mexico

One, I traveled most of the continental US in just arriving each phase to CMS from where I’m usually at in both Texas or Michigan. I might not have done that on my own accord without CMS.

Two, with CMS, I have been all around California:

Down around LA, San Diego, Yosemite National Park, and many other places.

I’ve also been to Las Vegas, and got to experience all of that.

Lastly there was our trip to Mexico which I’m sure none of us who went will ever forget. There is something to be said when you unleash 11 Ninja’s into Mexico during Spring Break.

Richard N. – Galveston, Texas – USA

Was on TV with Rick Tew

I am from Holland and I have been to the States (Yosemite, LA, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, to name just a few), Spain, Paris, and Belgium. Also, I have been on stages when we did seminars for companies, on TV and radio, at martial arts demo’s and so many other things.

Marco V. – Holland / Netherlands

More than many travel in a lifetime

The pictures on the web site are from places like Yosemite National Park, Malibu Creek, Tollhouse rock, Death Valley, The Grand Canyon, Venice Beach, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico, Holland, and many, many more places; all of which I have been to with Rick Tew’s Camp of Martial Science. I have already been to more places in a few months then most people have their entire lives.

Jeff T. – Canada

Adventure travel and laid back trips

During my short time there, we took two different Yosemite hikes, went to Malibu Creek and a nearby beach, into the LA area for Venice beach and the Universal City walk, to an excellent rock climbing spot east of Fresno, balanced out with a laid-back trip to Edison Lake.

Ross K. – Virginia – USA