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BE a Ninja in what you DO with Master Instructor Rick Tew

Live-in martial art camps, training tours and ninja mindset workshops with Rick Tew

Martial Arts Therapy

There is a lot more to the martial arts than wanting to punch someone in the face or roll around in a cage. The traditional values and tenets that the martial arts offers is still available for those that want to get beyond the ego based competition.

When making choices on where you want to invest your time or money, you can consider the real benefits offered by either buying more stuff or joining a group of like-minded individuals focused on improving one's self worth.

Social psychologists agree that buying more stuff just doesn’t make you happier. Time Magazine stated, “Buying more stuff actually makes you miserable.” So let’s kick-2-start that happiness meter by engaging in worthwhile activities that challenge you.

Rick is focused on Tew core areas of focus that every person should work hard to obtain. They are fulfillment in their life and how to take action and execute towards their dreams. These are not easy to achieve. Most people loathe their jobs and few understand the power that lies within being in an industry that you love.

There is much more to life than money and just because you have a job or a career, it does not mean that you have a life.

The Multi-Martial Art system and training that we offer includes focus on Mind, Body and Spirit equally. We cover all areas of the martial arts so the participant is never bored and they have many options to choose from the plethora of offerings available through a good martial arts program.


“I can coach you on how to maximize your strengths so you can BE the best you possible, and get a Black Belt in what you DO!!

I do this by offering programs that combine the Mind and the Martial Arts.

I offer Edutainment Speaking for those that want to learn my Mental Martial Art of Winjitsu and I conduct Martial Art Camps for those that want to learn to move like a Ninja. I am committed to helping people achieve a feeling of fulfillment while teaching them how to take action on their personal goals.”

Rick Tew offers combined mind and body programs

September official start date. Interns can begin as early as January

Set for August near Yosemite National Park and Fresno, California

Set for July with meetups in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Fresno

Set for March, April and May

Get real coaching and feedback from a qualified Martial Arts Instructor

September official start date. Interns can begin as early as January



Through this book series, Winjitsu Books 1-5, I am going to teach you how to maximize the power within yourself, and with practical, proven, success principles, how to reach your full potential and get a Black Belt in what you do.

I call this mental martial art and system for success, “Winjitsu.” What is Winjitsu?

In the physical martial arts, you learn self-defense to help prepare you for a situation that might be required for survival. It is a basic human need to feel protected. But in today’s world, our challenges are more mental than physical, and you are indeed often your own worst enemy. Today, your mental skills will take you a lot further than your physical skills. And this is the philosophy that I am going to share in this books. -Rick Tew


"Rick Tew’s Winjitsu is compellingly captivating from the onset of a young run-a-way child to the exploration investigation of self. Although the Jitsu in Winjitsu would suggest this book to be solely the interest of those involved in the Martial Arts the “WIN” makes it for absolutely everyone! Winjitsu is empowering. Winjitsu is the type of book that should be included in every school and home library. You read it once but reference to it daily. Winjitsu is a gift from Rick Tew to anyone willing to accept it and to those that do, the journey is forever changed."

-Trinity Ann Mcleod