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Rick Tew has a message of Fulfillment & Action for your audience, as well as a fun and entertaining style that will make your entire team or organization shift into high gear, both personally and professionally.

Events like BLAST (see below) can breathe new life into any program, person or team. Workshops or management seminars with Rick Tew can be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

travel and training thailand

Each tour is approximately 2 weeks long 

We have 2 Thailand Travel and Training programs:

Island Focus:

Phuket - Krabi - Phi Phi - Samui - Phuket

City and Mountains:

Bangkok - Khao Yai - Koran - Chiang Mai - Pai

May 22nd - June 02 (Islands)

June 02 - June 15 (mountains)

June 20 - July 02 (Islands)

July 02 - July 15 (mountains)

See the TOURS page for details.


This is Rick Tew’s signature program. The BLAST program is a system designed to offer participants a chance to Make Life a BLAST. Maybe you are stuck in a rut, feeling bored, limited with your potential, or want to get the most of your life. The best thing you can do to get your life on track, is to get into solid routines that provide maximum benefits. We do this by teaching you the BLAST system and giving you routines for a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

BLAST training is easy to remember and usable on a daily basis. It is something that works and makes sense, without anything too complicated. You will learn tangible strategies and techniques that you can easily apply in your day-to-day life. BLAST is an acronym for the key philosophies and training we offer to participants of our programs. These teachings add joy to life as well as longevity.

Rick Tew designed this system after he became a certified Strategic Intervention Coach by Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. The BLAST program is fun, exciting, fast-paced, unique and educational. We offer a disciplined approach, with a balanced environment for group interaction and enjoyment. The BLAST Program is for busy professionals who would like to take a break from their everyday environment and KICK-start a new routine. We use the martial arts as a metaphor for an improved life strategy. These thoughts and life enhancing strategies are far more in-depth, but we will share the breakdown with you here:

B = Breathe | L = Laugh | A = Adventure | S = Stretch | T = Think

The BLAST attitude teaches people the key ingredients to a healthy, happy, lifestyle. Not only why they are important, but also how to implement them on a regular basis. Some of the most powerful of experiences were derived from simply getting people together to share, make friends, improve ourselves and grow together. BLAST teaches synergy and how to help people and managers pull together to make success happen and get an amazing experience. The people have a lot of power and in a team, you see doubt, confusion, fear, turn into support, love, friendships, growth, smiles and positive interaction. When you FIGHT to make a change and the walls don’t move, it is often better to just BE THE CHANGE. When challenge shows up at our doorstep we have two options:

When you have these ticking time bombs around you – they cause havoc by freaking you out. The constant focus on these challenges create anxiety, worry and lead you to the 3D’s:

When you have unrelenting negative feelings and you attempt to distract yourself (maybe a friend invites you over for a barbecue), you still bring this anxiety with you. It is like you are not fully PRESENT and you send a ghost of yourself instead because you are STUCK in that place with the time bombs. Trapped there telling yourself you can’t be happy. These ticking time bombs need to be converted into energy. They are challenges to help you grow and we will show you how to manage and integrate these concepts as habits. Here are some of the key areas that the BLAST program will provide:


As detailed out in his successful book series, Winjitsu, Rick Tew has compiled a system of mental martial arts to battle your mental demons and give you the skills needed to combat daily challenges and achieve your goals. Through this program, you will learn how to maximize the power within yourself, and with practical, proven, success principles, how to reach your full potential and Be a Black Belt in what you Do. We call this mental martial art and system for success: “Winjitsu.” What is Winjitsu? It is not a sport. It is a way of life. In the physical martial arts, you learn self-defense. It is a basic human need to feel protected. But in today’s world, our challenges are more mental than physical, and you are indeed often your own worst enemy.


Today, your mental skills will take you a lot further than your physical skills. And this is the philosophy that you will learn in this program. Intelligence is having the ability to survive. Simply put, you can not survive simply by collecting information. You need to put that information into action and this is exactly what WINJITSU Workshops, Classes, and Seminars are designed to do. Imagine that you just read a book about breaking a negative pattern. Okay, so you have just learned a new mental strategy. Truth is, if you do not put that new information to use, you will likely forget it within 24 hours. Also, just because you read about a new strategy, does not mean you will be able to actually perform it when the time comes to use it.

The same thing goes with martial arts or self-defense. Just because you learned how to roll on Monday, does not mean that you will remember to roll when you fall on Tuesday. You need to practice. That new information needs time to become a habit and a new part of your skill set so that you too can be a NINJA at what you do. This is equally as important with the mind as it is with the body. We often believe that because we just learned something mentally in a book, lecture, or seminar that we will now remember to apply it. That just is not the case.

Winjitsu is the Mind and Martial Art system created by Author and Martial Arts Master Rick Tew. It is based on the core principle that the mind and body are connected and that there are key strategies from both realms that will help us to feel better and do more. In essence, Winjitsu helps us to be and feel whole while providing the tools needed for success in our own dreams and ideas.

When Rick starts his classes or workshops, he often begins by explaining how he has a split personality (then demonstrates this by physically going into the splits) and that this split personality is what provides individuals their unique special powers. It is what makes you a superhero. This is why you will see the splits being performed by Rick on the websites and even in our logo. It is used to remind people that they too have split personalities.

The right combination of strengths will provide you with the skills needed to be at your best and to do your best. Rick is a Ninja at what he does and he uses this area of expertise to teach others how to Be More and Do More using the system of Winjitsu. If you want to be a Black Belt in what you do or if you want to be a NINJA in _____________, you need to master the skills taught in Rick Tew’s Winjitsu. We also learn skills that require us to master how to:

Rick Tew is a certified Strategic intervention coach and uses the above 3 concepts in his WINJITSU system. A person that has a hard time adapting, amending or adjusting will always find conflict, limitations, and fear. Only by training does it become familiar and what used to be impossible, now becomes a possibility. Consider WINJITSU as your Mind and Body training program to help you to BE the best at what you DO. Survival could be related to our career or to our life and business. Regardless of what area of focus you are in, we all share common challenges and have similar needs and desires.

Here is a breakdown of the five pillars that make up this system of mental martial arts:


A step-by-step guide to getting a Black Belt in the Memory Arts. You don’t need a degree to use your mind, what you do need is motivation, action and this course. Tew’s Total Recall is a course of mental exercises. Like achieving ranks in the martial arts, it is cumulative, building and adding new techniques and skills to expand and grow one belt at a time.

Mastering each level until you have the skills needed to defend yourself against your mental adversaries. Overcome bad strategies, laziness and forgetting with the skills of a total recall and get a black belt in the memory arts.


This course is broken down into sections. These sections are in specific colors or ranks. Your goal is to get a black belt in memory. You start off as a white belt and with practice and training, work your way to black. Each level will consist of knowledge and exercises. At the end of each level there is a test, if you pass the test, then you have reached the next level of training.

Some of the things you will learn are:

This course is broken down into sections. These sections are in specific colors or ranks. Your goal is to get a black belt in memory. You start off as a white belt and with practice and training, work your way to black. Each level will consist of knowledge and exercises. At the end of each level there is a test, if you pass the test, then you have reached the next level of training.

Some of the things you will learn are:


In the Martial Arts there is a training concept called “give & take”. This is when you train together with a partner to practice a new self defense technique, a kicking & punching sequence, or a round of sparring practice. One is the “giver” (executing the technique or sequence), the other the “taker” (being on the receiving end of the technique or sequence). Both roles are necessary, and teach the students valuable lessons. They depend on each other, and both benefit.

In order to MAKE LIFE A BLAST, we have extended this “give & take” concept to outside of the dojo. Through our programs we reach a lot of fortunate people and organizations that can afford to invest in making their life a BLAST. Either through participating in one of our programs, or any other way. For some people though, life is NOT a BLAST, and they can not afford to invest in participating in expensive programs. Think young adults from a challenging neighborhood or family, school or college dropouts, people that got totally of track in life.

The GIVE A BLAST TO HAVE A BLAST program is designed to create the opportunity for those people to participate in one of our programs or retreats. How it works is that for every (paid) event that Rick Tew is hired for, we reinvest back into the community, and invite one person whose life is NOT a BLAST to one of our programs, free of charge. We work together with local charity organizations to identify the right candidates for this. Give & Take in real life action and benefiting all parties involved. TO GIVE IS TO RECEIVE!

Over the past 20 years, Rick Tew has worked with numerous organizations across the globe, and has taught hundreds, if not thousands of people, the strategies and techniques that will help you become a black belt at what you do. Rick enjoys working with people and organizations that want to try something different, that are open to change and take a chance on themselves. In particular, he gets a kick out of helping those that need the extra inspiration and a reliable system to get them out from being stuck in a rut, a limiting belief or situation. They need a literal Kick2Start! That is why he feels closely connected to working with charitable organizations and universities & schools where he can make a real and lasting impact on young (and old) people’s lives.

For more information on how Rick Tew can help you and/or your organization, please CONTACT US today!